Pavel & Heather – Engagement Session | New York City

Rewind about 6 years ago to when Heather started filling in for her sister as a babysitter when we needed one. She was so great with our kids! She loved rocking them to sleep, reading to them, playing barbies, and just being silly with them. Over the years our children have grown quite attached to Heather and so have we. She is like a little sister to us and we have enjoyed all the times we have had to talk with her, play games (like boggle…hee hee), learn about her interests, and watch her grow into such a beautiful young woman. Heather has also been one of our biggest fans with our photography. There have been many nights when she would stay later just to sneak some peeks at our images from the sessions. This is actually kind of weird writing a blog for her since a part of me feels that she should have already been here looking through the images. Well, times change and that is where Pavel comes in….

The first time we heard about Pavel immediately we felt as though we needed to meet him and know who this guy was that had won her heart. We first met Pavel at our church and the look on Heather’s face gave it all away… she was head over heels for him. You know that look… the one where the girl looks at the guy and her eyes smile even when the lips aren’t. Pavel was easy to talk to and we thought the first impression was a pretty good one. The true test was to come later when he met our 5 year old. Yes, I said 5 year old! She is tough as nails and when it comes to Heather or her sister Emily, our little girl can put up a pretty good fight for them both. Pavel was prepared for her when they came for dinner. Emmie Grace gave him some looks of disapproval, but he was smart and brought her a peace offering of chocolate. End of story, test passed, friends made!

Fast forward to last weekend when Pavel & Heather took us to NYC for their engagement session. They had spent a lot of time there last summer while Heather was working at a hospital close to the city. They had several spots that were familiar to them and then of course there were the places that you must go when in NYC. We basically  followed them around like the paparazzi as they got splashed by a passing car while standing in the median and while they stood snuggling in the cold in Times Square. We moved from place to place just walking and talking and we even enjoyed a fabulous lunch at one of their favorite restaurants Le Pain Quotidien. We spent the whole day in the city and ended it with a little fun on the ice at Rockefeller Center. Pavel was a natural on the ice as he is from Russia and grew up with hockey practice twice a day. Heather provided the fashion statement on the ice with her cute little pink hat and matching scarf from Pavel’s mom. We wrapped up all the fun at midnight with a walk back to the hotel for some much needed rest.

Thanks Pavel and Heather for a trip to New York City! We hope you enjoy sharing your images with your family and friends for years to come.

This one was taken right before another taxi came around the corner and gave them a made for movie drive by splash.

This gem of a spot was in NYC. Really? Waterfall, cool trees, fun couple…. perfect!

Tea for two

Fun details from the inside of the restaurant.

A little hot tea, some young love, and a pretty place to sit.

LOVE this one!

Just a sweet little walkway that had some cool repeating patterns. Heather & Pavel were cracking us up for some of the shots in this spot.

Times Square baby!

It took several times to get what we wanted here. Finally got one with no random riders on the escalator with them :)

Tell me, can you find Pavel and Heather in this one? It’s not as hard as Where’s Waldo.

Haha… this shot holds a good memory. The lady actually told us someone might get hurt so we needed to stop taking photos here. Hee hee… watch out for those revolving doors.

Grand Central Station.

This is the spot where the Pavel asked Heather to be his wife. (Minus both sets of Parents standing in the background watching it all happen)

Doesn’t she look like a young girl in love? So cute!

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