Scott & Lauren – Engagement Session | Blacksburg, VA

We met Scott & Lauren on the campus of Virginia Tech for an early morning engagement session. Lauren isn’t exactly a fan of being up early in the morning, but she was willing to get up for the chance to have the romantic sunrise light in their photos.

They had already planned ahead for some places that they really wanted us to photograph them on campus. The first stop was a hidden location near the Duck Pond that we would have easily walked past if Scott & Lauren had not known it was there. It was like a little hidden gem that allowed just enough light in and had lots of limbs and crevices to climb on. They were both so willing to do whatever we suggested that we knew from the beginning it was going to be a fabulous session!

Jeremiah & I enjoyed seeing the two of them interact as they talked about why each place was important to them and all the fun things they did together there at Tech. They even brought bread to feed the ducks since that was something they did frequently while they were in Blacksburg. Even the bread buying was strategically planned for this session: They used the “ugly” bread to coax the ducks over and then they tossed aside the plastic bag and slices for the “pretty” bread so the pictures would have that in them. Lauren was cracking us up with how much thought she had put into even the tiniest of details!

The few hours that we were able to spend with Scott & Lauren were so enjoyable and left us looking forward to seeing them this fall for their spectacular wedding in the amphitheater on campus. They took us by the ceremony site and shared a bit of their vision for how the day will go. They have such great ideas that their day is sure to be full of splendid details.

Scott & Lauren, Jeremiah and I could go on and on about how much we really liked hanging out with you guys, but we are pretty sure the photos will show that. We hope you enjoy these images from our time with you, and please let us know which ones are your favorite… remember competition is always a good thing!

No photographers were injured in the creation of these images ;-)

Scott and Lauren’s special heart they carved in a tree on campus…love it!

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