Portrait FAQ

Where do your sessions take place?
We are on-location photographers, which simply means that we prefer to use natural light and photograph you in a more more comfortable environment that may be more familiar – a home, a park, or somewhere you can be yourself.

How long is a portrait session?
Portrait sessions are one hour (give or take).

What is included in the session fee?
The session fee covers approximately one hour of photography, individual editing and basic retouching of the final images, a private and relaxing ordering session, and a password-protected image gallery for easy viewing and reordering of prints. The session fee includes photography commissions in the Lynchburg and surrounding area.

What if we don’t live in the Lynchburg area?
If you’d like Colling Photography to travel specifically for your portrait session, contact us and detail your needs, and we will custom-quote your session for you.

How soon after the session do we get to see the images?
The online gallery will be ready for your viewing within two weeks of the session date.

What kind of products do you offer?
We offer everything from loose prints to framing, gallery wrapped canvases to albums. Contact the studio for additional information and we will provide you with a full menu of items.

What should we wear? What should my child wear?
We highly recommend that you don’t match. While we know that jeans and white shirts are common and popular, we would rather see you wearing outfits that reflect who YOU are. Avoid loud patterns and clashing colors; take a look in the mirror and make sure that your clothes aren’t upstaging you! Complimentary color palettes are more refreshing than everyone wearing matching attire. Also, please bear in mind your child’s comfort before selecting an outfit. For a small child or baby a simple light onesie is preferrable. For a theatrical headshot please remember that your eyes are the most important part of the photograph and try to avoid shirts that will draw the attention away from your face. Stay away from low-cut necklines, bare arms, and super-trendy cuts or patterns.


What if we have a question that is not answered here?
Contact us! We have a full portrait menu available for download or mailing and we’d be more than thrilled to discuss any specific needs or questions that you may have. Call us at (434) 944.0723 or send a message to: info at collingphotogallery dot com