Clay & Elizabeth – Virginia Wedding Photography | Lynchburg, VA

This wedding was one of the many that fell on the Saturday after Derecho hit and did it’s damage here in Lynchburg.  Clay & Elizabeth spent the better part of the day before the wedding setting up decorations and preparing the wedding venue site in Altavista. They finished up, had their rehearsal, and then headed back for what they thought would be a good nights sleep before the big day. Elizabeth told me that they received a phone call late Friday evening letting them know that due to the damage from the storm and lack of power they would be unable to have their wedding at their chosen venue. They did have a backup plan at their local church but since the power was also out there, that option was not available. Elizabeth’s pastor and his wife opened up their home and back yard for the wedding. Pastor Kent posted a plea on Facebook for help in pulling it all together and help arrived in the form of several people from church showing up to help in any way possible. What a blessing it was to have a host of people who cared so much for them that they literally pulled together a fabulous outdoor wedding in the pastor’s back yard in a 12 hour time frame.

Oh and we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that it was the hottest day we had seen this summer so far… 102 degrees. Yes, so many people willing to work and sweat it out for such a sweet couple. I know that Clay & Elizabeth were so extremely grateful for all that was done for them and we were grateful for the opportunity to see the body of Christ come together and work so humbly and diligently.

Now that you have the setting for the day we can tell you a bit more about the couple. Clay & Elizabeth met at Life Action Ministries and became friends. They worked on the same team the next year and they were able to travel together, which allowed them a lot of time to talk. Fast forward to the engagement which just so happened to occur in the basement of the house where the wedding had to be held. Pretty cool how it all came back full circle. They did all of their wedding planning while they were on the road or in Michigan at the headquarters so we actually didn’t get to meet Clay until the day of the wedding. They were both so laid back that morning as we photographed all that was going on around them. Elizabeth and her bridesmaids were tucked away upstairs getting ready while Clay and his groomsmen finished getting ready downstairs. They had planned to see one another prior to the ceremony for a “first look” so as soon as they were both ready Jeremiah got Clay set up and I brought out his lovely bride. Jeremiah & I love this time as it allows the couple to enjoy a few moments together before all the guests arrive and day truly gets started. We stand back with our long lenses and let them just enjoy seeing one another for the first time that day. They had a chance to talk, pray, and laugh together before we moved on to the pre-ceremony pics.

The ceremony was beautiful, touching, and HOT! The guests were greeted with refreshing bottles of ice water and a fan as they took their seats. Jeremiah & I captured all the tender moments as the life action team members sang, the vows were exchanged, and the guests witnessed the first kiss. The rest of the day was busy as the couple chatted with their guests and enjoyed their reception. They had an ice cream sundae bar that was refreshing for everyone as they came in out of the heat. When Clay and Beth were ready to for their grand exit they had all the guests line up with bird seed in hand ready to shower them with well wishes on their way out.

We had a great time with you both on your wedding day and we hope that you enjoy remembering it all as you look through the images.


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