Kevin & Jamie – Virginia Wedding Photography | Richmond, VA

Kevin & Jamie had a beautiful day for a wedding! They had 3 things going for them : 1) the sun was shining, 2) the skies were blue, and 3) it was the weekend before Derecho hit Virginia. We went home from their wedding with our usual plans to edit through images and start a blog post to be up within two weeks of the wedding. Derecho left us with a whole new game plan for this blog post. After 6 days without power we needed to get our house back to working order and then get back on track with the business side of things… so here we are a few weeks later and ready to show you another fabulous wedding that we were blessed to be a part of!

We left for Richmond early on the day of their wedding in order to make sure we arrived with plenty of time to scope out the area and grab some lunch. When we arrived at the church we were fortunate enough to have Kelcey show us around the church and help us to find the bride and groom’s preparation rooms. Jamie and her girls were busy with finishing touches and her little sister (the flower girl) was stealing the show with her radiating cute factor! While I was with the ladies, Jeremiah was hanging out with the guys as they finished getting dressed and playing games… their room had an air hockey table, pinball machine, and riveting game of blackjack.

After the ceremony we took a few formal photos of family in the church, grabbed some bridal party photos there too, and then headed over to Fox Hall for the reception. Before being announced, we were able to squeeze in a brief mini session with the new couple, who of course were so great to work with. Jamie was especially awesome and took one for the team when she became a pre dinner snack for some resident mosquitos!

Once the reception started up we were busy capturing the details, the interactions with the guests, the laughing, and the dancing. Kevin & Jamie have such great friends & family so it was fun to move around and enjoy the excitement of their wedding reception.

As the night came to an end Kevin & Jamie headed out to a lovely sparkler exit. The best part came when they went to get into their car and instead of taking the one all decorated, they slipped away in an unmarked vehicle sans writing or trailing cans. We could only chuckle as we imagined who the lucky person was that had to drive the decorated one home :) Good times!

We hope you guys had a great time at Disney while on your honeymoon, and we hope you enjoy re-living your day while you look through images from your wedding day.

Wedding day details that have been in the family for several generations

The grandparents sporting their wedding picture… >50years! Well done!

More than 50 years later, grandma still has it on the dance floor ;-)

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