Tyler & Kate – Virginia Wedding Photography | Basking Ridge, NJ

We met Tyler & Kate over a year ago when we photographed their engagement session at Virginia Tech. We had so much fun with them during that session that we were eager to see them again and spend another fabulous day photographing their wedding.

Several weeks before the wedding weekend we sent Kate our standard email to go over final details, timeline for the day, and allow her time to ask us any questions that she or Tyler still might have for us. The response that we received from Kate was, hands down, the best and most informative response yet. In fact, there might just be a follow up blog using Kate’s mad planning skills to help future brides as they finalize details for the big day.

Jeremiah & I headed to New Jersey Friday morning and enjoyed a nice weekend away with what ended up feeling like some family & friends at the wedding. We were able to sleep in Saturday morning (with four little kids this was a major bonus) and relax a little before heading over to Kate’s house to get started photographing the ladies. Jeremiah drove me over there a little early so he could get back in time to start photographing the guys at the hotel. Kate & Tyler made it so easy on us since they made sure there would be room in the limo for Jeremiah & I to travel to and from venues with the entire bridal party once the day started – they really did think of everything!

Kate’s house was bustling with beautiful ladies getting hair & make-up done. Melissa D’Aloia & Co. were a force to be reckoned with. Adrianna turned out stunning updo’s and even created a perfectly pulled back bun for Allison, while Melissa took great care to give each bridesmaid a classy look with their make-up. Melissa & Adrianna worked hard and yet seemed to enjoy talking with the girls and helped to get the morning off to a great start! If Jeremiah & I are ever back in N.J. for a wedding — hopefully we will get to work with you again.

Kate had all the details that I would need to photograph neatly displayed on a buffet in the entry way so that I could just take what I needed to photograph when I was ready for it. Her sister also had the wedding dress already out of the bag and hanging beautifully in the window ready for it’s photo shoot. I can not express enough (obviously) how thought out this whole day was. Kate even had matching dresses for all her bridesmaids to wear while they were getting ready so the ladies all looked fabulous before they even had their bridesmaids dresses on!

While all this was going on with the ladies, Jeremiah was back at the Olde Mill Inn with the guys getting all the prep photos. Now just so you don’t think you are seeing things we should let you know that Tyler has a twin brother. They are not identical, but it is really hard to tell them apart at times. Jeremiah did his thing and captured what was going on like a boss, while also getting all the details too. Tyler had some great cufflinks that he gave his groomsmen, which were representative of a favorite sports team for each guy. Jeremiah almost had to call it quits when no one had cufflinks representing the Chicago Cubs :-)

The ceremony was held at St. Teresa’s in Summit, NJ. There are really no words to adequately describe how magnificent this cathedral is. The outside is so grand as you pull up to the front steps and the inside architecture is just as splendid! Jeremiah loves to take pictures of buildings so he was more than happy to get some photos after the ceremony when the light was buttery and beautiful coming over the peaks of the church. The ceremony was officiated by Kate’s uncle who a priest. The best part of the ceremony was when Kate’s grandparents (who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary the next day) stood up and presented the Eucharist during mass. It was a beautiful sight to look through our lenses and see Tyler & Kate seated as husband & wife while her grandparents walked up the eucharist to the priest for communion.

Upon arrival to our room the night before, we were given this lovely gift basket. Love the details!

Exquisite details

Kate gave a special tribute to her late grandparents on her wedding bouquet. Very classy.

Check out that itinerary… now that’s how you celebrate a wedding in style!

Kate opening her gift from Tyler. A replica of the door decoration from the place they got engaged!

A special necklace to always represent the Murphy name. Such a thoughtful gift!

Kate prepared special gifts for her mom and dad. Another great idea!

Who’s helping who here?

All the guys represented their favorite sports teams. Well done boys…

Kate’s gifts for Tyler…

Celebrity sighting… holla!

Some last minute adjustments before seeing his bride

Special thanks to Matt and all those who have served our country

Here’s a little sneaker-peaker into Part 2 of this amazing wedding. Stay tuned!

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