Tyler & Kate – (Part 2) Virginia Wedding Photography | Basking Ridge, NJ

After the ceremony we headed over to the Olde Mill Inn for a session with just Tyler & Kate. They scheduled the day so that we would have almost a whole hour to photograph them and so they would not be rushed. We were able to take our time and capture some sweet moments between Kate & Tyler. We got them back in time to freshen up and then join their guests for cocktail hour as scheduled. Jeremiah & I headed into the reception area to photograph the details before the room filled up and the evening began… it was wonderful!

The Reception was so much fun!!!  The food was unbelievably good, the toasts were well spoken and very touching, and the whole reception just erupted with elegance and class. The absolute best band ever played at the reception - Elegant Ensembles. I don’t know how far they travel, but I would hire them in a hurry if you are getting married in NJ! They were so incredibly talented! Jeremiah & I had the opportunity to speak with two of the couples who are a part of the band. They were just lovely individuals who really enjoy what they do, which was very apparent throughout the reception.

The most memorable moment of the reception has to be when Kate called her dad out to the dance floor and had the band play his favorite song. Kate’s dad had the guests erupting in song with him as he sang out all the lyrics. The dance floor was 3 -4 people thick around her father as Jeremiah & worked around and over them to get some of the photos to document his performance! It was fabulous and Kate clearly enjoyed every minute of it.

Tyler and Kate, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to share with you and your families in such a wonderful celebration. We are confident in you guys as a couple and look forward to sharing the rest of the memories of your day.

The guests enjoying cocktail hour in the beautiful courtyard

The VA Tech ice sculpture was so money… way to represent!

The mashed potato martini bar was easily my favorite hors d’oeuvre table of the night. Only wish I would have enjoyed a cup!

Some adorable insight about getting married from Kate’s students

Some incredible toasts by Tyler’s brother and Kate’s sister. Sorry Kate, but I think you were teary eyed in just about all of them ;-)

Let the fun begin!

And the standout suit of the night award goes to…

Kate’s grandparents were the last on the dance floor during the anniversary dance… They celebrated 60 years of marriage that weekend. Our hats off to you both!

Elegant Ensembles had their mojo going strong all night. Incredible performance y’all!

In addition to the cake, this delicious ice cream bar was also available for dessert!

Love the surprise reverse underhand throw. And a great catch to boot!

The guys got a little rowdy, but eventually Edwin came out victorious

Kate’s dad taking center stage, leading everyone through a very enthusiastic rendition of his favorite Meatloaf song

We loved that Kate was such a good sport for this!

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